Top Graphic Designing Trends of 2020

2020: A year of modernizing graphic design elements from the past and ramifying from the flat design of recent years. Minimalism and simplification were all around this year! While some design trends have stood the test of time, some have vanished in the blink of an eye to make space for modern looks.

We at The Hustler Collective, have been closely analyzing these graphic design trends of 2020 and previously came up with multiple blogs on the top graphic design trends of 2020. We are back again, with the best techniques which we believe have the most potential to become design trends in 2019 as well.  Now, without losing any more time, here is the list of top 10 designs of 2020:


Bold Typography with B&W Images

Bold typography has been prevalent in the graphics world for a long time now. But recently it has been used with black and white imagery to create an amazing contrast between the image and text.

With simple black and white visuals in the background, it can really highlight and create focus on the cutting edge typography, and through this, one can form some really amazing and meaningful designs.

Creative Typography

Creative typography is one of the most popular graphic design trends in 2020. This trend has been taking the top spot for several years and is not going down anytime soon. Creative typography is all about imagination. It can be combined with other techniques or implemented solely in the design. It is amazing, in both cases.

Authentic Photos-the-hustler-collective

Authentic Photos

Now-a-days, many brands are creating genuine and authentic looking visuals of their people working together or drinking coffee in a creative environment. This is used to create a positive impression of their business on the target audience. Photos with friendly gestures, like handshakes, are popular to make the business look amiable and caring. That is how many brands like to be perceived now.

“Trustworthiness” has been a buzzword not only in design but also in branding, advertising, social media, entertainment, politics- almost in every sector. One of the easiest and most effective methods to tap a trustworthy vibe is through photography.  Images offer a realness that cannot be measured, especially photos that aren’t staged but rather have a realistic touch to them.


Groovy Gradients

In the past, gradients reigned supreme. The gradient design was found on almost every website, page header, and Presentations. Without gradient, corporate PDF wasn’t considered cool. Then, sometime around 2007 they were sidelined, as the designers embraced an era of flat design.

Flat design is growing and gradients are making their modern day comeback as a flat design enhancement. This improvement is a part of the design update and is generally referred to as semi-flat design or flat 2.0. We are also experiencing an increased use of the term ‘color transmissions’ while referring to gradients. The terms appear to be used interchangeably, referring more often to its modern application which is vibrant, smooth and “flatter”—fitting within flat design aesthetics.


The Glitch Effect

The distorted image or the glitch effect has been one of the most famous trends in the digital world this year. Evidently, what was once pesky has now been turned into a truly wanted effect. Horror movie fans are already familiar with this one. 2020 is the year when the design world is embracing the corrupted beauty in flaws. While a designer’s first priority is to make things neat and tidy for the viewer, it’s time to rejoice the awkward discomfort.


More Depth

2020 has been a year for two-dimensional images and shadows. Same as gradients, shadows were also placed on the back burner as designers steered clear of realism in favor of 2-D and more minimalist designs. The shadows are soft, large, colored, and add subtle depth and dimension to the design.


Double Exposure Duo-Tone

Here is another popular design of 2020 to get excited about: the double exposure. Placing one picture on top of another can create a fine effect that fascinates the viewer. The ability to use multiple images in one design can help tell a more complex and deeper story about the subject, whether it is a movie poster, book cover, advertisement or any other type of design. Combining double exposure with duo tone is an emerging trend of 2020.


Negative Space

Ironically, negative space designs and typography are a positive trend of 2020because in graphic aesthetics, negative space techniques evoke quite positive emotions. Negative space is an empty space in the design that creates a defined, distinctive shape. This technique is one of the most famous ones lately. The popular thing about negative space typography is that the element pops out from the back to the front through the wording. This is another style of interaction between typography and composition elements.


Custom Illustrations

The illustration is a trend that will never go out of style. Illustrations bring a special vibe and more depth to the plain photography. Custom illustration is the best way of adding a visual appeal to any image or photo, and for creating unique designs for any brand. This year, illustration was presented in combination with other graphic trends such as 3D structures, negative spacing, digital drawing, photography, and many more. All these techniques enhance the effect of the illustrations and lend the design a new, edgy look.


Digitalized Handmade Art

New tools and apps are making it easy to use hand-drawn techniques and merge it with digital images. The days of old brushes in Photoshop are now gone. The latest trend, called a digital paintbrush, is much more resourceful, making use of dimensions and ultimately giving off a more modern and aesthetically pleasing look.

With so many old and new styles on the table, it was a year of taking risks, breaking patterns and creating something new by breathing a fresh life into the old and forsaken design trends. Feel free to share your own digital creations according to the latest trends, as well as your thoughts in the comments section below.

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