Tips To Increase Your Organic Reach On Facebook In A Day

The thing is that Facebook’s Organic Reach has gone low! Period! But whether your business will drop or rise in this situation is totally up to you. You can either continue to fuss about it or you can simply act smart.


You don’t need to spend a dime and you can still increase your organic reach considerably by going our way.

We bring to you 5 tips that can increase your organic reach on Facebook-

  • Use Facebook Insights

The more you know your audience the higher are your chances to succeed. Facebook Insight does exactly this for you. It is a proprietary analytics platform that provides a variety of different datasets, to help page owners measure the performance of their content. Currently, Facebook Insights is divided into five separate categories: Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People.


Likes – It gives you the total number of people who have liked your page within a defined period of time and also where the like happened (i.e. on the page, page suggestions, mobile, desktop, etc.)

In addition to this, you can also see a bifurcation of paid vs organic like.

Reach – It tells you the total number of people who have seen your post. You can also gauge positive engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares.

Visits – It gives you a disintegrated information about the pages that were visited (i.e. timeline, likes tab, custom tabs, etc.) and also which referring sites (external)that led people to your Facebook page.

Posts – It analyzes your content based on post type, targeting, total reach, time of the day, and engagement.

People – It shows you the demographics of your fan base. Database about information like gender, location, language is presented. In addition to this, you can also compare people reached versus people engaged.

To sum it up, Facebook Insights gives you a holistic view of the performance of your page. Its factual nature provides you the information about the areas that need improvement. The best part is that it costs nothing. So utilize the insight, understand what works what doesn’t strategize accordingly and your page is going to go boom!

  • Eye on Competitors

A smart digital marketer makes strategies depending upon the performance of its own assets but a smarter digital marketer also analyses what is working for his/her competitors!

So hold your binoculars close to how your competitor functions. In addition, it is easy!!

You can do it directly through Facebook or employ other social media tools..

Let’s start with Facebook

From the Posts tab, select “Top Posts from Pages You Watch.”


This report shows data from pages you’ve identified as competitors. And if you haven’t done so yet, you can add to it by selecting the “Add Pages” button at the top of the report.

Then, you’ll see the top content from each of the pages you’ve chosen to monitor in terms of engagement. The report also includes direct links to each post, making it easy to see the exact content that’s working for your competitors.

This will give you a clear picture of what might work for you.

Other than this there are other tools like Simple Measured, Social Bakers, Quintly, Buzzsumo that can help you gain useful insight into what’s working for your competitor.

Here is an example from Buzzsumo. It is designed to help brands identify the top performing content for any keyword, topic, or brand name.

If you look at the screenshot below, you can get an idea of how the tool works.


You’ll notice for each keyword/topic, you can view the top content, influencers, and sharers, based on a variety of metrics, including social share, number of backlinks, domain authority, and social influence (follower count, total page likes, etc.).

So through these two ways, you can learn from your competitors and strategize your content accordingly. We aren’t saying that you need to copy, just be smart enough to learn and improvise.

  • Track When Your Fans are Online

When to post is just as significant as what to post. So how do you make this decision? For some of you guesstimating might be the answer. If Yes, then it is time switch to concrete data analytics that can give you the best timings to post your content.

Facebook provides all of this data under the Posts tab. Simply select “When Your Fans Are Online” from the menu at the top of the report.


Here, you’ll see data from the previous week, showing your total number of fans active on each day of the week.

Then, once you select a day, you can see how many users were active during an hourly interval based on your local time zone.

Based on this information you can create a schedule in accordance with the timings of when your audience is most active!

  • Add Call to Action

Studies have shown that users take more desired action when it is simply and clearly spelled out what you want them to do.

For instance, this post by Nomadic Matt, just in a few sentences describes the target audience and the benefits of joining the community, provide a social proof and it ends with a call-to-action.


Content, when displayed in this manner, leverages greater engagement and thus increases the overall reach.

At the same time, it helps you directly reach the target audience.

You can use questions or some sort of challenge or increase tagging of other users to increase the overall interaction.

  • Post Evergreen Content

Guess what, your medicines aren’t the only thing with an expiration date. Your content also comes with a lifespan! Can your content stand through the toll of time? If not, its time to change something or you will limit your organic reach.


Fundamentally, “Evergreen Content” is a post or page that readers can reference for years to come because the information will always be relevant and valuable. The opposite of evergreen content is a post that can quickly become out-of-date or irrelevant.

Evergreen content includes Tips, How-to content, Product Reviews, (Some) videos and the latter includes News, Updates etc.

Now the reason evergreen extremely useful for increasing reach is that it will always have some level of importance and thus it is a sort of investment that will always bore fruits.

The second essential factor is that with reposting the content you can save a lot of time and at the same time get considerable traffic.


To make it more engaging you can add videos, images or even a live video along with the content.

In short, work smart not hard!

These are some of the ways to get started. Want to know more about it? Reach us and let’s get you popular organically. 


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